Badan Amal Kebajikan Al Meizan (BAKAM) (2023)

Located at Kemaman, Terengganu Ramadhan & Hari Raya ASNAF 2023 Program represented by Mr. Roslan Chik representing CARIMIN has donated cash to the Badan Amal Kebajikan Al Meizan (BAKAM) to help the asnaf group, orphans, single mothers, and groups affected by Covid-19.

MACMA KL (2023)

NGOs such as Persatuan Cina Muslim (MACMA KL), and other government bodies provide positive development in the conversion of new brothers to Islam. CARIMIN has given a little help in the form of cash to make the Back to School Program a success for the children of the new relatives. Giving zakat to asnaf converts is a financial aid that is seen as significant in helping them in terms of economic needs.

Kelab Kasih Perihatin (2023)

CARIMIN continues to reach out to communities in need, namely single mothers, through the Ramadan Program in April 2023. Contributions in the form of basic food needs were presented by the Company’s representative in Ampang. The recipient is represented by Kelab Kasih Perihatin, which aims to lighten the burden a little and inspire the donation recipient to live a better and more comfortable life.

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Ehsan Ash-Shakur (PEKEAS) (2023)

Back To School Program with Pertubuhan Kebajikan Ehsan Ash-Shakur (PEKEAS) on February 2023 at Mydin Supermarket, Rawang. Program involved with 50 orphans received school supplies such as school uniforms, shoes and other related items. We also giving out cash donations to the orphans as a gift token.

Corporate Social Responsibility (2022)

On 30th May 2022 (month of Syawal) – Delivery of food donations to 100 residents of Asnaf in Pangsapuri Mutiara Magna, Kepong. Alhamdulillah, today was a symbolic handing over of Tishas Food’s dry food and frozen food donation with a total donation worth RM20,000 to 100 asnaf residents in need at Mutiara Magna Apartment, Kepong to further enliven their Eid celebrations.

This donation is from the business wakalah zakat fund of Carimin Petroleum Berhad.The donation was submitted by Mr. Muhd Fauzan Azharuddin, HRD Manager Carimin Petroleum Berhad and witnessed by Mr Mohammed Hassan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Operations) PPZ-MAIWP.

Corporate Social Responsibility (2022)

On 7 April 2022 – The well-being and welfare of the residents of the Kuala Lumpur Homeless Transit Center continues to be given attention by Carimin in conjunction with the Month of Ramadan. At the Ramadan Bersama Komuniti Siri 1 Program, they received RM100 Cash Assistance from FAMA Sustenance Basket worth RM100 with a total assistance of RM 16,000.00. The donation was presented by Carimin at Anjung Kelana, Desa Tasik. This program is arranged during Ramadan to ensure that every layer of society is treated kindly and Carimin will continue to play a role in distributing aid to the asnaf.

Corporate Social Responsibility (2022)

Monetary contribution to our staff whose houses were hit by floods in Dec 2021. Each received RM3,000 in Jan 2022.

Corporate Social Responsibility (2021)

On 30th Aug 2021 – Carimin Petroleum Berhad donates basket of prosperity through the Wakalah Zakat Fund to 200 residents affected in Pangsapuri Penara, Cheras. The sustenance basket donation is in the form of dry food including rice and eggs worth RM 100 per pax.
The donation was submitted by Encik Zamzuri bin Yusof as Chief Operating Officer of Carimin Petroleum Berhad and witnessed by Encik Fahmi Ismail, Pen.General Manager of PPZ-MAIWP Counter Services and Agents and also Encik Mohd Hafiz bin Ab Azir, Assistant Warden of Islamic Affairs Baitulmal Division MAIWP .

Corporate Social Responsibility (2021)

On 6 April 2021, the Bakul Rezeki Carimin Project to 100 single mothers in PPR Gombak Setia totaling 100 Asnaf/B40 in need by donating dry goods such as rice, oil, sugar and others. The Lori Rezeki Carimin Project also has 50 Asnaf/B40 in PPR Gombak Setia who are in need by donating wet goods such as fish, chicken and vegetables, especially those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, on April 7 2021, the Bangkit Bersama Carimin Program had 10 Asnaf/B40 traders in Juara Tomyam Kg Baru who were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as well as giving them encouragement to rise again and continue the struggle.

Corporate Social Responsibility (2020)

Carimin fosters harmonious relationships with the communities where we operate. Our community welfare initiatives centre on underserved groups and contributions to relief work. Ramadan celebrations have unfortunately been restricted due to the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO). To keep the spirt of Ramadan alive, Carimin has contributed to the various institutions that aid those staying at home and those who are forbidden from ‘balik kampung’ to celebrate the breaking of fast.

Corporate Social Responsibility (2019)

As a responsible corporate citizen, Carimin does its best to make positive and impactful contributions that will support the socioeconomic development of the local communities.Our efforts and initiatives revolve around helping schools,children, orphanages, and the less fortunate in society. Especially during festive season, such as Ramadhan, we offer donations and provide sponsorships to orphanage houses, Islamic schools, providing computers to schools,as well as organising sports activities. We will continue to actively seek for opportunities to give back to the community as a corporate citizen part of a larger society. We hope that our efforts carry long-lasting impacts and are able to help as many people as possible.

Corporate Social Responsibility (2018)

As the Group pursues its agenda of sustainability, we continue to fulfil our role as a responsible corporate citizen by undertaking corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives that aim to enrich communities. Our CSR efforts to date have made a tangible impact on schools, children, orphanages and the less fortunate in society. In the year under review, the Group’s community-based CSR efforts included the following: Our CSR efforts also involved small donations to a number of community suraus including Surau Kajang, Surau AlMustaqim Damansara and Surau Bt Jelutong.

Corporate Social Responsibility (2017)

Since the Group’s public listing in 2014, the Group has sought to play its part in assisting and empowering marginalised communities. In line with our commitment to implementing corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives among communities, our staff and Management once again rose to the task to lend a helping hand to those in need. The Group made a donation towards printing and supplying the Al Quran in Braille for Persatuan Orang Cacat Penglihatan Islam Malaysia.

Corporate Social Responsibility (2016)

The adage, “A healthy body is a healthy mind” resonates clear throughout Carimin. With a firm understanding of this philosophy, Carimin undertook to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the youth by contributing sports apparel for students of Razak House at Kolej Yayasan Saad in Melaka for their Sports Day. In their colourful and inspiring sports apparel, the students represented their sports house in the teaching institution’s annual event. This event not just serves to unearth hidden sporting talent but provides a platform for students to foster team spirit, improve social skills as well as sharpen their organising abilities. Having uniform sporting apparel assisted in promoting unity and esprit de corps, as seen by their broad smiles and excitement!

Corporate Social Responsibility (2015)

Our Managing Director, Encik Mokhtar Hashim and Human Resource Manager, Encik Mazhar Palil presented the children at the Persatuan Kebajikan Anak-Anak Pesakit HIV/AIDS Nural Iman Malaysia(PERNIM) home with school supplies before the start of the school year.PERNIM was founded by Norlina Alawi created to care for children whose parents are patients of HIV and AIDS. To date, PERNIM has adopted forty-five (45) children ranging from the age of four (4) months to twenty-six (26) years.We hope our tokens have contributed to increasing their level of motivation and encouragement to their education and lives.