About Carimin

Strengthened by our strategic collaboration with global partners, CARIMIN is in a strong position to offer enhanced services at the highest possible industry competence and quality expectations.

 Provision Of Professional Technical & Non-Technical Personnel Service
 Geophysical Services
 Engineering Consultancy & Technical Support
 Quality Assurance & Integrated Inspection Sevices

CARIMIN Engineering Services Sdn Bhd:
 Hook-up & Commissioning
 Topside & Facilities Maintenance
 Retrofit, Rejuvenation & Maintenance
 Fabrication & Construction Of Offshore Structure
 Piping & Associated Work
 Installation & Support Services

CARIMIN Equipment Management Sdn Bhd:
 Asset & Yard Management
 Management Of Project Equipment Materials Receiving
 Equipment Inspection And Maintenance

CARIMIN Marine Services Sdn Bhd:

-->CARIMIN Airis Offshore Sdn Bhd

-->CARIMIN Acacia Offshore Sdn Bhd
 Offshore Support Vessel Services
 Offshore Transportation
 Marine Spread Charter & Maintenance

CARIMIN Corporate Services Sdn Bhd:
 Corporate Affairs
 Human Capital Management Services
 Finance & Accounting Support
 Invoicing & Cost Control Management
 Supply Chain Management
 Business Development

CARIMIN Resources Services Sdn Bhd:
 Project & Management Services
 Consultancy & Services

CARIMIN Bina Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Noblecorp Builders Sdn Bhd) :
 General Civil Contracting
 Geotechnical Engineering

The Group’s corporate structure is as below: