At CARIMIN, we practice sustainable excellence in our activities & services. In the course of our business, we take every step for the protection of health & safety of our staff and workers. These actions also contribute towards the conservation & preservation of the environment.

To achieve this, we endeavour to comply with all relevant requirements, be it commitment towards health and safety regulations or compliance with the law.

At CARIMIN, we are aware of the importance of effective HSE management being a fundamental requirement for our clients in the Oil and Gas industry.

HSE policies :

1. Safety and Health Policy Statement

2. Environmental Policy Statement

3. Drugs and Alcohol Policy

4. Housekeeping Policy

5. Safe Driving Policy

6. Stop Work Policy


We are proud to report that in financial year 2022, the Group has maintained an excellent record regarding the HSE aspects of our business operations. As a testimony of our HSE performance, in the year under review, our client, Petronas Carigali awarded Carimin with HSE Leadership Enhancement and Development (LeAD) champion for IRSO (Integrated Regional Satellite Office) project and HSE certificate of recognition for 4 million safe man-hours.